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Pictured from left: Benjamin T. Coutee, Derrick Ross, Peter Tropoli, Gasper Mir, III, and Christopher J. Pappas. Pictured from right: K. Scott Gray, Fred Silhanek, and Roy Camberg.


Benjamin T. Coutee, Senior Vice President of Operations*

Derrick Ross, Senior Vice President, Office Administration

J. Dan Rathmell, Area Vice President

Trent Taylor, Area Vice President

Shan Peters, Vice President, Operations, Cheeseburger in Paradise

Roy Camberg, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary*

Michael Racusin, Associate General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary*

Roland Gonzalez, Controller*

Steve Goodweather, Vice President Financial Planning and Analysis and Investor Relations

Lisa Lee, Vice President of Brand & Marketing Strategy

Bill Gordon, Vice President Real Estate

Paulette Gerukos, Vice President Human Resources

Fred Silhanek, Vice President Development

* Officers of Luby’s, Inc.
Officers listed above are as of January 3, 2018